Apartments and rooms 

We got the inspiration to name our new apartments and rooms from our beautiful surrounding nature. A walk through the house starts in the valleys of Krnica and Tamar, continues towards the kingdom of the waters Peričnik, Mahovi and Jasna, and ends with the peaks of the mountains Razor, Prisank and Vitranc in the attic.

We dispose with a total of 28 beds. Apartments and rooms have two, four and six beds and are functionally and pleasantly furnished.
You can choose between bed&breakfast and apartments. If you rent an apartment, you can also have breakfast against supplementary payment. All apartments have TV and Internet access.

Our direct vicinity is full of great domestic taverns and restaurants where you will be served with excellent domestic food.

The house has a large multipurpose room with TV, DVD player and sound system. It’s appropriate for daily and evening socialising, group meetings, lectures or consultations for groups of up to 30 people.