PRISANK - Prisank or Prisojnik is a “mountain on the sunny side” as the name already reveals – it is a mountain between the “warm” side of Trenta and “cold” side of the Upper Carniola. It is one of the main and most visited peaks of the Eastern Julian Alps. The height of 2547 m ranks it among the mighty, big peaks of the Julian Alps. It’s known for two windows – one big and one small, which are considered a natural sight. The front window was mentioned already by Valvasor. Prisank is also the home of the famous Ajdovska deklica (Pagan girl), which is nicely seen from the road leading to Vršič.

VITRANC - The picturesque surrounding area of Kranjska Gora is the living space of Vandot’s (a famous writer) heroes: Kekec and Rožle, Mojca and Tinkara, Bedanc and Brincelj, aunt Pehta, Kosobrin and others. The dreadful judge Vitranec got his name by the mountain, which rises with the neighbouring Ciprnik between Kranjska Gora and Planica.

Skiers are well familiar with Vitranc, since the popular Kranjska Gora ski resort is located on its slopes. There are perhaps only a few people who haven’t heard about the Vitranc slopes and the Alpine Ski World Cup. In the summer and autumn, the ski lifts bring many hikers to it. The young and brave are enraptured with a kilometre and a half long sledding run, and a course with obstacles for mountain bikers.

Prisank • Vitranc (4-6 persons)

PRISANK – VITRANC is located on the second floor of the house and has two separate bedrooms with beds each in the dimension of 180x200, a living room with an extendible sofa for two in the dimension of 160x200, dinner table with chairs, kitchen with a dishwasher, TV, wireless Internet connection, two bathrooms and anterooms with a wardrobe. 

Guests can use a joint bigger multipurpose room in the lower part of the house and free storage of ski equipment directly at the ski resort next to the Dolenčev Rut ski lift in our Intersport Bernik house, where you can also use discounts to rent and service equipment and book ski school.
Prisank in Vitranc (za 4-6 oseb)